Business Model

The ELNA model

Together, the below monetization strategies not only ensure a sustainable economic foundation for the ELNA platform but also align incentives across all stakeholders.

Pay-per-Creator :

This model allows Creators to pay upfront to build their AI agents, which can foster a free-usage ecosystem for the users. The creator can also monetize their contributions by receiving payments or rewards based on the usage, popularity, or specific transactions involving their AI agents, encouraging innovation and the development of high-quality, in-demand LLM agents.

Pay-per-User :

This model is oriented towards the end-users of these AI agents, where Users pay based on their level of engagement, access, or the volume of transactions they execute with the platform's diverse array of LLM agents. This model ensures that Users only pay for the value they derive from the platform, making it accessible and scalable across various use cases.

For the Developers

ELNA allows you to list your LLMs, integration tools, and data on our platform, rendering these available for others to craft their custom agents. At ELNA, we're building a vibrant creator economy.

For the Creators

Imagine creating an LLM agent tailored specifically to your requirements, trained on your knowledge base. ELNA offers the configuration tools, data and memory infrastructure, and integration support to deploy such an AI agent on external platforms.

How does the cash flow?

When users pay to use an agent:

▫️Creators earn a rightful share based on the set royalty.

▫️Tool developers get their due for the listed integrations.

▫️ELNA, the platform orchestrating it all, gets a fee for continuous development & innovation.

Seeing beyond a revenue-share

The creators can go beyond revenue-sharing. You have the power to bear all costs, offering a Free Usage Option for users. It's about choice & flexibility. Imagine a bespoke customer support agent developed specifically for your company, at no cost to your customers.

Revenue transparency powered by blockchain

Our system tracks usage and ensures fair distribution of the collected fee. Creators and tool developers are adequately rewarded for their contributions.

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