What ELNA is creating

ELNA aims to form a basic infrastructure and backbone for AI agent creation and monetisation on blockchain.

What is an AI Agent ?

An autonomous digital assistant, which is a combination of:

  1. Intelligence [in the form of large language models]

  2. Knowledge [in the form of vector database]

  3. Interaction [in the form of integration tools that can communicate with external applications]

With ELNA Platform we aim to facilitate all the necessary tools to build, collaborate and monetise Ai Agents on chain.

ELNA’s Design

With community and practicality at its core, ELNA consists of three important parts.

  1. Creator studio - where users can create AI agents with their choice of available tools on the platform.

  2. Agent Marketplace - where Agents can be listed and monetised.

  3. Developer Environment - where developers can list and monetise their tools and data which can be used by creators to build their agents.

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