Browser Plugin (Use Case) - NNS Proposal

Build a browser plugin which can read through the NNS proposals, and give the user a summary of what is being mentioned in this proposal. This will bridge the gap between the complex technical language of Network Nervous System (NNS) proposals and the average Internet Computer (IC) platform user. The plugin tool is designed to automatically parse and summarize the details of NNS proposals, presenting them in a simplified, user-friendly format directly within the user's browser.

The plugin extracts key points and presents a condensed version of the content, making it accessible to those without a technical background. The development journey involves crafting the agent who understands the NNS proposal, seamlessly integrating the plugin with popular browsers, and ensuring a clean, intuitive interface for displaying summaries. This initiative aims to enhance transparency, foster broader participation in blockchain governance, and empower users with a clearer understanding of proposals and transactions, ultimately contributing to a more informed and engaged blockchain community.

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