ELNA's Overview

What ELNA provides

Put simply ELNA is a community-driven decentralised AI agent creation platform that bridges the gap between the development, creation and monetisation of AI agents on the blockchain.

Meaning, we're making:

  • AI’s governance is transparent, and

  • your data is secure and private.

Breaking the Chains: ELNA is a Response to Centralization

Eliminating the cycle of centralization dominated by corporate strongholds, places the control back into the hands of users, opening up new possibilities for individuals to navigate and control their data and privacy.

This is about a paradigm shift in how AI is governed.

ELNA's Generative AI Agents: Limitless Applications

ELNA empowers users by providing the capability to create generative AI agents for a myriad of purposes. These agents have limitless applications, spanning personal finance management, social media management, highly personalized tutoring, telemedicine screening, legal assistance, real-time data analysis etc. ELNA's platform paves the way for specialized AI agents tailored to individual needs.

ELNA's No-code Workshop: Reducing the Burden on Users

Best visualized as a workshop, ELNA takes on the heavy lifting, offering users a comprehensive set of tools and a skilled workforce to facilitate the creation of fully functional AI agents with just spoken language. The platform simplifies the process, enabling users to describe their desired features while ELNA handles the technical demands of AI development.

ELNA's Core Components: Powering AI with Tools

ELNA's strength lies in its configuration tools, prompt engine, and integration tools. These components, along with an external memory and knowledge base, collectively drive the design, instruction, and behaviour of AI agents. ELNA ensures seamless integration with external platforms - personal websites, social media, official platforms etc., providing versatility in how you can make life easier using these AI agents.

ELNA’s AI Agent Marketplace: Monetize your Ideas

ELNA also hosts a marketplace for user-generated LLM agents, allowing creators an avenue to derive value from their innovations, monetizing their custom agents. In a world where AI is more open, accessible, and profitable.

Developer Ecosystem: Collaborate & Monetize your Tools

Developers can list-cum-monetize their AI tools, as well as thrive on collaborations in the ecosystem. This allows devs to innovate on their LLMs corresponding to how users interact in real-time with the agents created using them.

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